Northeast Chapter

Welcome to the NEQ

The Northeast Chapter of the Audi Club of North America is a non-profit organization founded to promote driver education, safety, and camaraderie.   Members enjoy the Audi experience through exposure to the Motorsport fraternity and other educational and social events.

Who we are

The NEQ is one of several geographically organized chapters of the Audi Club of North America.  ACNA members residing in Connecticut, New York, and Vermont are automatically NEQ members.  However, all members of the ACNA are encouraged to participate at NEQ events.

What we do

The NEQ develops organizes and hosts club events at numerous venues in the Northeast, including winter driving schools, social events, and high performance driver education.  Popular event venues include Lime Rock Park,, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Watkins Glen International, the Circuit du Mont Tremblant and frozen lakes for Winter Driving events. Driver education events include a fully developed educational curriculum and individual instruction.  NEQ events are structured to accommodate all types of participants, from novice to experienced drivers.  Our events teach safe driving techniques and both low and high speed vehicle handling.  The NEQ club also hosts social events, usually at the driving events or in conjunction with the annual meeting.

Membership benefits

Membership in ACNA entitles you to participate in all Audi Club events in North America, regardless of sponsoring chapter.  Members also receive an automatic subscription to the club magazine, The Quattro Quarterly, as well as access to discounts on Audi parts, service, and cars.

NEQ members are encouraged to participate in NEQ leadership elections.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining us, you can find further information at the Audi Club North America.

Original NEQ History

This letter was part of the very original written NEQ history that we have so far. Many thanks to Wendy Bellavance and Clare Earley for preserving and rediscovering this part of our past.

Efforts are underway to solicite more original NEQ history, written and images.  We also are moving ahead on a new published NEQ history to bring us up to date.

Check it out here